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Bioidentical hormones are named because their molecular structures are identical to those produced by the human body. These hormones fit their own receptor sites and their metabolites are not foreign to the human body, as are conventional synthetic drugs.

Nurse Practitioners Linda Spencer and Ellie Branagin will customize the mode of delivery and the dosage specifically for each individual, as no two people’s needs are the same.

Bioidentical hormones are plant derived and are made at a highly regulated compounding pharmacy.

The balance of nature and science with extraordinary benefits.

Feeling better starts with a comprehensive blood test.

What are the advantages of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

  • Increases energy, libido and heightens sexual response.

  • Improves mood and decreases depression and anxiety.

  • Decreases body fat content by accelerating the conversion to lean muscle.

  • Decreases cardiovascular risk and increases HDL (“good cholesterol”) and lowers LDL (“bad cholesterol”).

  • Improves memory and restores clear cognitive mental functioning.

  • Boosts immune function and improves healing ability.

  • Improves sleep patterns.

  • Improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles.

  • Increases bone density and bone mass, decreasing the risk of osteoporosis.