PRP Hair Restoration

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As a stand-alone treatment PRP has been shown to help people with male and female pattern hair loss to decelerate hair loss even making finer hairs thicker, growing new hair and increasing density and strength.

PRP for Hair Restoration

PRP can be used to stimulate and nourish follicles for hair growth. Highly concentrated blood plasma contains platelets that release growth factors.  These growth factors have been shown to generate new hair and improve the density and health of existing hair.  

As hair follicles survive on the nutrition they get from blood supply, the introduction of platelets by administering PRP in the area of damaged hair follicles will amplify the body’s naturally occurring wound healing mechanism.  This leads to healthier hair follicles or hair roots, resulting in improved hair restoration. 

Reinvigorate Dormant Hair Follicles

Clinical studies concluded that enhanced hair growth of transplanted hair was observed after use of PRP, which lead to further research on the effect of PRP on non-transplanted hair follicles.  The study hypothesized that platelet growth factors can “wake up” dormant hair follicles and begin the production of new hair. 

PRP was then applied topically to the scalp, forcing the introduction factors at the injury site.  Enhanced hair growth and increased hair diameter were noted over the next 4 months.